A Russianed-up Nokia 3310

RUSSIAN PHONE PIG-LIPSTICKER, the outfit known as Caviar, has returned to daubing phones in gaudy colours and political silhouettes with a phone that commemorates the meeting of Donald Trump and Count Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit. 

We are aware of Caviar phones because it was only a few months ago that Caviar was taking Nokia’s great leap backward, the 3310, and covering it in what you might call Bling.

We were very snobby about the thing, and did not rush to borrow the 99,000 rubles (approx £1300) we needed to buy one. Same here with the new one that takes the same concept but adds the G20 logo and Donald Trump’s silhouette in gold plate.

Caviar will sell you one, if you want it, for just 149,000 rubles, which suggests that President Putin is not the only Russian having a laugh today.

“In honor of the meeting of the Russian and US presidents, Caviar created a collection model of the Nokia 3310 with portraits of the leaders of the two countries. For the first time profiles of both presidents are placed on one device. The fact that their views are directed in one direction – no doubt expresses the general desire to achieve progress in Russian-American relations,” says Caviar with one eye on your £1,900.

“However, we should not forget about the principledness and firmness necessary to protect justice and our own interests, the interests of our country – in order to emphasize precisely these features, the designers used tempered titanium with the damask steel pattern. The design of the phone also interprets the emblem of the G20 summit and indicates the date and venue of the historic meeting.”

Maybe you are tempted. Maybe you should stop thinking of yourself. Caviar added that the phone would make a great gift for apparently absolutely anyone.

“This phone will become a memorable gift for everyone who is not indifferent to modern history and politics, as you know – if you do not engage in politics – politics will take care of you,” it said.